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Egypt set to unveil Tutankhamun DNA results

"It is about the results of research into DNA samples" taken from the remains of the world's most famous pharaoh.
The tomb of the boy king, who reigned from the age of nine and died under as yet unknown circumstances at about 19, was unearthed by British archaeologists in the Valley of the Kings in 1922, causing an international sensation.
Tutankhamun achieved worldwide fame because of the stunning funerary treasure found in his tomb, including an 11-kilo (24.2-pound) solid gold death mask encrusted with lapis lazuli and semi-precious stones.
Like his ancestry, the circumstances of Tutankhamun's death remain a mystery. He is believed to have reigned from around 1333 BC to 1324 BC.

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 I can hardly contain myself.  No telling here who he was related to