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Imam killed in FBI sting was shot 21 times: report

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A Detroit-area imam who died in a shootout with the FBI in October was shot 21 times -- at least once in the back -- and found by police lying down with his wrists in handcuffs behind him, says a local Detroit news report.

The FBI has described Abdullah, whose mosque served some 25 families, as "a separatist Muslim intent on overthrowing the United States government," according to the New York Times, but the bureau has not alleged any terrorist activity against him, and has charged that Abdullah was involved in fencing stolen goods. 

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Comment by Anonymous
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21 shots?  One in the back?  Hands cuffed behind?

Clearly, this is an act of blood-lust homocide, if not murder. 

Comment by Brock Lorber
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Clearly, this is "an act of asymmetrical warfare" against the United States.

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