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New World Order's New Tactics for Bringing Down the Gladiator

By Morpheus & Vengeancia
The article, “Why do people often vote against their own best interests” by a BBC staff author, uses sophisticated, multi-layered psychological manipulation to sell the idea that elites in Washington know what is best for Americans.  The article attempts to CON-vince their left-leaning audience that intelligent argument won’t work against the stupid, angry “Republican” crowd in America.  Instead, the article recommends that to influence this emotionally-challenged population, the policy wonks must change tactics. What does the article recommend? Exactly what we have seen with the Obama presidency: fake sincerity and an appeal to emotionalism.
The show “American Gladiator” game format strikes us as similar to the modern political system.  In the show, each individual player is challenged to collect points while at the same time battling a gladiator, usually a professional athlete, who restrains and interferes with the contender and keeps him from reaching his goal.  Eventually, the contenders with the most points are entered into a single elimination tournament individually against the gladiator. To add complexity, the contenders must perform under a variety of environmental conditions.

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