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Microsoft investigates laptop battery drain with Windows 7

Users have reported on Microsoft's TechNet forum reductions in battery life from two hours down to 30 minutes or less, with batteries failing to recharge fully. The battery life appears to decline over a short period, with another forum poster reporting the dropped from 45 minutes to 15 or less over a couple of weeks.
Some Windows 7 users claim their laptop batteries have been permanently damaged by drainage problems occurring after they installed the new operating system. Other users report the appearance of error messages suggesting they replace their battery, even though it had been working well before the installation.

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 Shoot.  This is an easy one.  It's because of "always on" internet connection, whether it be because Microsoft is using your spare RAM and CPU cycles for network computing or because Homeland Security and the NSA is tracking you or all of the above.  Always on is a huge battery drain as I know from using a cellular data card.