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New World Order City of Phoenix to create TAX ON FOOD!

• Thomas Costanzo
The Overlords have bankrupted the city and to fill the widening gap between the money they STEAL and the money they spend the overlords are going to impose a new SLAVE TAX for the SLAVES buying food in the city of Phoenix.  There is a meetup scheduled to tell the overlords plundering class we are going to not let this go down quietly.   

After they pass this new tax on the slave plundered class.  The Slave class is planning a revolt and pass a referendum to overturn the tyranny of the Overlord slave class.  The Overlord plundering class will likely overturn the referendum as an emergency measure.

The slave plundered class is then FULLY prepared to file a lawsuit to overturn their emergency measure.

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There are four basic necessities:  Food, Water, Shelter, and Safety.   The city Lords of Phoenix are attacking one of these; food.  Possibly we will be able to convince them not go go thru with this - BUT - if they do then ALL of us must remember this at election time and vote EVERY ONE OF THEM of them out of office - forever, AND never do buisness with any business or company any of them own or are a part of.