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Battery Low? Buy a Quick Charge

Hercules Networks
Automated Cell Phone Charging Machine (ACM)

Hercules Networks introduces the Automated Charging Machine (ACM) – the world’s first machine that charges all types of cell phones in a rapid 10 minute charge. No longer will you Hercules Networkshave to worry about missing another phone call or cutting one short in order to save the battery on your phone until you arrive home!
Each ACM comes equipped with 12 charging tips to charge the most popular phones on the market. In addition, each machine has an LCD screen capable of full motion video and audio for advertising capability. Consumers are thrilled with the service ACM’s provide, enabling them to stay connected in today’s fast paced environment. ACM’s are a “win, win” for establishments; they keep customers satisfied and provide them with a new revenue stream.
The first revenue stream is the $2.00 fee the customer pays per charge. The second revenue stream is generated from advertising on the LCD screens. ACMs provide access to the rapidly growing digital signage market. National brands see the ACM as great advertising tool due to the captive audience that the ACM delivers. Cadillac and Bank of America are a few of the clients among board our ACM network. Our ACMs can be found in popular venues including:
Chicago’s trendiest bars/nightclubs Top Las Vegas Casinos – MGM, Mandalay Bay, Excalibur Airports Theme parks AT&T sponsored machines in TD BankNorth Arena
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