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Thailand’s Slide into a Moral Abyss

• Buffalohair Gazette International
With reports of corrupt Thai officials working with Burmese soldiers in human trafficking, drug distribution and murder it was not surprising to learn Thailand plans to send *3,000 Karen refugees back to Burma and ultimately their deaths. The operation will begin on Feb. 15 and though the repatriation is said to be “voluntary” there is no doubt physical coercion at the end of a gun barrel will be the final outcome. The notion Internally Displaced People who’ve just escaped slavery, rape and butchery at the hands of drug addicted Democratic Karen Buddhist Army thugs would want to re-enter the killing fields of Northern Burma is ludicrous at best. Thai soldiers have taken on the role of DKBA aggressors by raping murdering refugees who did not have extortion money on many occasions. The death toll of innocent victims has increased tenfold by the hand of Thai authorities. Such was the case with **9 refugees including a Chinese National who were murdered in cold blood by Police Sen Sgt