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The government has your baby's DNA

Many parents don't realize their baby's DNA is being stored in a government lab, but sometimes when they find out, as the Browns did, they take action. Parents in Texas, and Minnesota have filed lawsuits, and these parents' concerns are sparking a new debate about whether it's appropriate for a baby's genetic blueprint to be in the government's possession. 

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Comment by Tamara Carroll
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A return to home birthing is what is called for.  All you who are expecting the blessed event please look into it.  Look at the photographs, terrified expressions on the faces of hospital born babies as compaired to the faces of the home born.  Do the research and compair safty, health, comfort and happiness of mother and child at home to the hospital experience. 

It wasn't until compairtively recently that hospital birth became the norm.  Before that it was midwives.  There are alternatives, wonderful alternatives that don't involve the invasion of your newborn baby's privacy from the git go and for the rest of his or her life.