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GET THAT GOLD - Prospecting Supply Show Comes to Az. Fairgrounds Feb. 13th & 14th

George “Buzzard“ Massie started the Gold Shows more than 35 years ago to expose the public to modern day prospecting and treasure hunting. He and others educated in the field conducted lectures on prospecting and taught attendees about the equipment they needed and how and where to look to begin their venture in the search for gold. Those same concepts are present at today’s gold shows, although the master of prospecting is no longer with us. His sons and other experienced miners have carried on educating the public with their search for the “yellow gold” with lectures at all of the shows. Today’s new concepts and equipment make it much easier to find that yellow metal that so many yearn to attain. You will learn there is more gold today to find than the old-timers found in the 1800’s. The vendors have it all… the equipment from yesteryear to today’s latest and most advanced on display at the shows. Gold Prospecting and Treasure Hunting has become a very popular and family oriented hobby. You will find at the shows there is something for just about every family member to do in the search for gold and treasure.