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Rand Paul's first TV Ad - "America - 20100201_012_044" YouTube

• Rand Paul
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Comment by John Bush
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1. Ron Paul makes an agreement to support all Texas Republican incumbents, most all of whom are neo-cons

2. CFL uses 350k to air an ad supporting a neo-con

3. Rand Paul, who supports intervention in Afghanistan, airs his first ad which is overtly militaristic

Notice a pattern here people?


The "restore the GOP" route is not the path to liberty.  It is merely the path back to the statist cespool known as the entrenched two party system.  They want you to be a Republican.  They love it when you further their left right paradigm.  They eat it up when you willingly surrender the message's ability to create a genuine mass movement by joining the two-party system.

They saw it in the tea party and are quickly acting to swallow it back up in to the GOP, lest the people actually are able to enact change.  They see it in the Freedom Movement and are now trying to get many of us to join the GOP too.  They want us to further the reactionary status quo.  We mustn't fall victim to their trap.

No doubt about it, its happening right now.  The question remains, will we be able to see beyond our egos and false idols, and not allow our message to co-opted, yet again, by the powers that be?


Comment by Dref Homan
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I'm disappointed that this is his first tv ad. Dad must be wondering were he went wrong.
Comment by Unsheepled Michael
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DAMN those  neocon  warmonger  zombies...they  got  to  a  Paul!!!!!

I  also  want  my  donation  small as it  was! 

Comment by Trouser Chili
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WTF?  This was his first ad?  This is what was so important he had to get it out there first?  This neocon message?

Can I get my campaign contribution back?

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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I pull titles from the original post and rarely (if ever) change that. Glenn Beck, Judge Napolitano and John Stossell going over to Fox is a demonstration of the power of the free-market of ideas having an impact on the message sought by an ever decreasing audience that pays any attention to the lame-stream media,... the media sooooo last century.

But I don't think for a minute that I would not make this information available (with or without comment).

Comment by Chris Kaiser
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Well, that's a swift kick to the nads. Hope judge N. calls him out next time he is on Freedom Watch. The judge made a great case last week about the Bill of Rights apply to all people.

Comment by Bill R
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"Rand Paul is a Neocon?"

I think this guy might beg to differ.

Comment by Don Wills
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Ernie - why didn't you title this article Rand Paul is a Neocon ? Rand Paul's political positions are very similar to Glenn Beck's. This TV ad is a good example of that fact.

Occasional readers - in a previous post, Ernie labeled Glenn Beck a neocon, and I took issue with that. It is my opinion that folks like Rand Paul and Glenn Beck are generally libertarian, and that those who believe themselves to be more libertarian should not denigrate those who are lesser libertarian like Beck and Rand Paul, but who are still more libertarian than they are neocon or progressive.