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James Howard Kunstler: We're Weimar

The delusional craziness of the Tea Partyists exists in direct proportion to the wimpy deceit of the government, especially in matters of money and statistics reporting. Our political leaders are resorting to wholesale deceit because the truth of our situation...

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Comment by Joseph Snook (28179)
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I read this site daily and like the majority of articles posted. This one, however is absolutely wrong. Mr. Kunstler can stereotype and criticize the few bad apples, or the people who simply aren't informed, but at least they are smart enough to realize that this country is in shambles, whether they "thump" bibles or not. When "Americans" can't afford to put food in their bellies, only then will true change occur. Until then, it's an up hill battle. It's people like Kunstler that fuel the "grass-roots movements, whether they associate with tea-parties or not. 

Comment by Found Zero (11589)
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Hissy little minx isn't he?