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Sea Ice Collapse Accelerating

• arclein
They found that Arctic sea ice is disappearing faster than scientists expected. "We're seeing it happen more quickly than our model thought [it] would happen," said Barber.

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Comment by Rich Ness
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The key nuance here, ARCTIC ice is contracting, while ANTARCTIC ice is expanding. Can you say slight orbital tilt... This is normal activity in the long history of geographical evolution. Do you think there was no ice in Arizona millions of years ago? Then you are a fool. If you understand we are constantly experiencing climate change, well before human existence mind you, you are a clear thinker.

Comment by Found Zero
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I think it's liberal sea ice. Conservative sea ice would have hung in there and toughed it out.

Comment by Richard Stone
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 There is no doubt that global warming exists!!!! Just ask the people that are digging out two feet of global warming in Washington DC. Global warming now has a color and it is white and fluffy.

Comment by Lola Flores
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 Global warming?  What global warming?  Clearly, this must be a hoax