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What You’ll be Driving in 2016

Your car is about to get a green makeover.
For years, the auto industry had successfully fought off attempts to impose tougher gas mileage standards. But when the big automakers came to Washington last year asking for handouts, the help came at a price: tough new national standards. The rules — previously proposed as state limits by California — will require each car company selling in the U.S. to deliver an average fuel economy of 35.5 miles per gallon for its cars, SUVs, vans, and pickups sold here.
That’s about 40 percent higher than the current average. And to get there by the 2016 deadline, the auto companies will need to roll out a mix of technological innovations.

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Comment by Lola Flores (20562)
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 At the rate we're going, in 2016, we'll be driving a horse

Comment by Found Zero (11589)
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Great article for the way it fills me with despair. It's the same feeling I've got from every SOTUA when for years now I am so NOT blown away at the great new alternatives of coal, oil and nuclear. Every year the same shit is brought out as the New Solution.

So here's the auto industry telling us "in the future, you will be buying from us". Thanks but this time I'm not so sure.

They are making "cars of the future" now in freaking INDIA. Little bitty jobbers. A thimble full of gas gets you to work, you can park it in a shoe box, you can u-turn it out of a paper bag. The free market is innovating, just not really here. There's just Tesla.

That's the only serious indie solution I've seen evolve here yet. Of course the record of failures before Tesla Motors is extensive. Somebody should really be looking at their management philosophy.

And there's guys messing around with biodiesel all over the place. But their problem is supply. They have to produce it all themselves; the petro industry is entirely unlikely to accomodate them.

That leaves the guys toying with hydrogen and is anybody even doing it in the USA?