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Are the TEA Party Groups Libertarian?

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My eyes just about popped out the other day when I heard someone say the TEA Party folks are libertarian. Not the ones I met.

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Comment by Jason Barnett
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I heard the last 15 minutes of Sarah Palin's speech at the Tea Party convention in Nashville today and I agree with your statements. It was interesting to listen to what was applauded by those attended. I think the Tea Party may have started with people that were really interested in smaller, less obtrusive government, but it has been taken over by the neo-conservatives who oppose the same Obama policies that they supported when they were Bush's policies. First they were for it, but now they are against it. Partisan all the way.

Comment by Lola Flores
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 Libertarian?  Must y'all offend and attack everybody who's not a whackjob?