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Third Hand Smoke Causes Global Warming!

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Well, not really but it might as well have since scientists are reorganizing their “facts” to put blame on the harsh winter snap. When will it ever cease? Sadly scientists have managed to loose credibility since hard science was replaced with exaggerated figures and out right lies to fit political and corporate needs. Now that corporate interests got on the band wagon it is obvious that “Global Warming” will exist regardless of facts and true science. If it did not already occur to you the global warming scam’s primary function was to cripple economies by sending polluting industries to third world nations without environmental and labor laws. If Global warming were a true threat then all industries would have been made to stop, not transfer them to other countries. The inception of Carbon Credits was another scam since it really did not save anything since the only thing that transpired was the transfer of money from one pocket to another. Pollution and CO2 gasses continued to be

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 No, the question here should be:  when will y'all whackjobs stop with your ignorance and malice?  Can't you tell that you're fucking it all, all of it, up for the rest of us?  Now, if y'all wanna get together, go in the desert and blow yourselves up, the rest of us will be glad to show you the way and provide you with the nuke.  But, please, don't continue to fuck it up for the rest of us