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Spray on Liquid Glass

• arclein
The np-coatings are in principle pure, flexible , super-durable glass, albeit at the molecular level. These characteristics can protect glass surfaces and add extra functionality to the glass surface ,

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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What is rather interesting is I have coated many a glassware and plastic since 1977 with silicon dioxide to prevent nucleic acid and protein adherence and subsequent loss. 

Later on it was determined siliconized glass beads could speed up chemical and enzymatic reactions by decreasing reaction volumes which increased both yield per unit volume and reaction speed --- though truthfully this explanation never made much sense to me.  Still the phenomenon held true. 

But the silicon dioxide was considered toxic,somewhat volatile and we did all coatings in a fume hood whether liquid applied or vacuum applied.

So I am somewhat surprised at the consumer spray on application.  Still the ability of silicon dioxide to provide a enduring thin nonstick uniform coating cannot be denied --- we shall see how safe it is.