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Censoring the Internet Moves to Silence Dissent?

At a Davos Economic Forum, the Chief Research and Strategy Officer for Microsoft said that ‘the Internet needed to be policed by means of introducing licenses similar to drivers’ licenses – in other words, government permission to use the web.’ ( Yes, it is easy to say that this is only theorizing… but Obama is presently slamming the US with his socialist ‘theorizing’, which is destroying the country as a whole! Google is very pro-green (because of the financial rewards). Though I have requested instant updates when my name or my books are mentioned on the internet, I get nothing routinely about them! Instead, I have to do searches. This applies in particular to anti-green material I produce. Laws are being formulated in the UK, Australia and US, to ban anything government considers to be ‘undesirable for public consumption’. In the UK, for example, anyone who even queries the normality or morality of homosexuality can be hauled before the courts. The same applies if anyone mentions Islam in a poor light. In both cases, expressing a legitimate opinion is called ‘hate speech’ and the law is used to full effect! The same can easily be done for political and religious material. Socialists cannot stand alternatives to their party thinking. And it is socialists who want bans on the internet. Do I have any respect for socialism? Nope. None at all. Cass Sunstein has called on Obama to ban internet sites that host non-socialist views, or, a tax, on anything government does not like (Prison Planet, Jan 14th, 2010). As I keep on saying, this is outright Marxism and Fascism in operation. It is going on under your noses… but who will stand and fight? You might think banning a website is no great shakes. But, wait until the same laws are used against you if you say something in the street. Wait for the single-party country as a form of police control! Then, it will be too late. Laughably, Sunstein wants to ban ‘conspiracy theorizing’. But, if he does that, the theories will prove to be real! In the Infowars site’s comments section, someone said that if Infowars wants to stop Sunstein barring views he doesn’t like, then it is no better than Sunstein. Hardly. Sunstein et al want to ban what does not serve them well, and that promotes only a socialist outlook. People like us only want to ban the banners from banning! Rather different.

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 Won't be long before that happens