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Karl Denninger: 30 Year Auction a Solid "F"

Bad. Actually, let's go worse than bad and call it what it is - by any definition this is just one step off from "Failed." Yield was way over where it was trading at the time, as you can see here: The more-worrying factor here is that we've got this "mystery" direct buyers out here again taking nearly 25% of the offered amount (who is bidding for that undisclosed?) and another 11% taken down by The Fed for the SOMA account. Yet even with this Treasury had to pay up to get it to go and the bid-to-cover was anemic at best. Given the Primary Dealer system we have in this country, any BTC under 2.0 is an effective fail. To get an auction that behaves in this sort of fashion, complete with mystery direct bidders and heavy SOMA (Fed) participation, yet Treasury has to pay up in the form of a significantly higher coupon is not a good sign at all. Remember folks, this sort of issuance isn't a local event. It will continue through the year, as we are on track to run record budget deficits, so the premise that "it will all be ok and this won't start a ratchet up of rates on the long end" is perhaps more than a bit fanciful. Rick Santelli gave the auction an "F" and I agree - there's simply no possible way to read this as anything positive at all, and that the equity market is ignoring it (other than a quick, small spike downward on the release) likely has more to do with how tightly equities have become coupled to the dollar in the last couple of weeks than anything else.