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Public Meeting selling the FOOD TAX

PHOENIX -- This is a perfect example of how the lame stream media is used to "SELL" the idea that you don't own your body and everyone needs to take a cut EXCEPT the police and firemen.  What kind of job is a policeman going to do making more than $100,000 per year in the private sector?  
Morpheus food tax phoenix arizona police need to be cut 
Morpheus "Everyone has had to take a cut!  The Police need to take a cut!" 

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Comment by Ducati Jeanne
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Wow, Off The Grid Guy......."who was that masked man?" Great article, Morpheus and very cool website.

I personally was greatly disappointed at the town hall meeting held on Wednesday night @ Carl Hayden High School. 

I see this food tax as just another way to take more money from the working class. People in general are just not seeing what I am seeing.

The mood @ the meeting was "oh please don't close the parks, the senior centers,  the after school teen centers".

What they fail to see is that out of the $62.5 million in anticipated taxes only $1. 5 will be allocated for seniors, $1.6 for youth, $7.4 for "community enrichment" and then......$32.9 million dollars for cops and fire.... Let's say it again: $62.5 million dollars taken from the working class and the cops and fire get $32.9 million of it.

Hogwash!!!!  i.e. extortion pure and simple.