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Too Dangerous to Plow, D.C., Area Governments Halt Snow Removal

• FOX News

Washington, D.C., and neighboring Montgomery County, Md., may have just lived up to its reputation as "wimpy" weather warriors -- suspending snow plow operations as a blizzard bears down on the region. 

Or maybe not.

The National Weather Service on Wednesday used the phrases "extremely dangerous" and "life-threatening blizzard" to describe conditions in Baltimore and Washington, which have both set records this week for the snowiest seasons ever. Wind gusts have reached as high as 60 miles per hour as the blizzard passed through the region.

According to NOAA, before now, the snowiest month on record for Washington, D.C., was 35.2 inches, set in February 1899. By the end of the snowfall Wednesday, areas of Washington will have seen as much as 52 inches in February 2010.


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Comment by Richard Stone
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 The longer the politicians are out off service because of the snow means that they have less time to waste the taxpayers money. So if we just send all of them home with pay and close their offices, the US would be so much better off and on the way to recovery. Government always = waste of taxpayers money. Why is that so hard to understand? Any libs out their want to answer that one without resorting to personal attacks, blaming Bush or blaming global warming and instead only use facts?

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Does anyone see the irony in FEMA being closed due to natural disaster?

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