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Phoenix: Maricopa County property values drop for 3rd straight year

Maricopa County homeowners will begin to receive their latest property valuations in the mail today. Most will see a third straight annual drop in home values. Residential property values fell an average of 15.2 percent in 2009, according to the latest report from the Maricopa County Assessor's Office. Values fell 23 percent in 2008, following a 13 percent drop in 2007. "It's still bad but not as bad," county Assessor Keith Russell said. Last year, the overall median value of homes in the county fell to $131,700 from $155,300. Some Valley cities fared better than others. For example, home values in Tempe declined 13.4 percent in 2009, while they dropped 27.3 percent in Tolleson. County homeowners have yet to see declines in property taxes similar to the drops in property valuations, and they won't again this year.

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Comment by Anonymous
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 End the ARIZONA "Fed" which prints money for AZ state government:        

Sections 18 and 19 of Aricle IX of the Arizona constitution

Comment by Anonymous
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 Lucky, two unrelated things.  Joe is ex-DEA, ex-Agency.  He's got a whole other dynamic surrounding him.

It's not even the county board who are mucking up this one.  There's a 1 BILLION surplus in the county coffers.

No, this is in preparation of the governor's "cost shifting" budget which will boost property taxes well above where there currently are today, DESPITE the valuation decreases.  It's about the organized crime ring in AZ which surrounds bad property tax law.   And it's about the rag shilling for them.

Comment by Lola Flores
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 Get rid of Joe Arpaio, I'll betchya the value of the properties will sky rocket

Comment by Anonymous
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 Get ready.  When the Republic posts information like this it is for one purpose and one purpose only: propagada.  Having worked on property tax issues for 6 years now, here's how the Republic works with government.

Get ready for a huge property tax increase effort.  Probably related to "cost shifting" from the state to the counties.

The Republic and government wants to lead people to believe that their property taxes will be going down.  People will be receiving their statements in March.

The truth is the opposite.  Despite valuations going down, property tax will be significantly INCREASING.  This is due to several reasons.

ALL PEOPLE pay property tax.  Either directly, or its imbedded in your rent and/or anything you buy.

To defeat this organized crime ring once and for all as well as any and all future overrides and bond issues, join up with


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