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Plunge Protection Team Cover-Up: 739 pages is a lot of cover-up

The Plunge Protection Team either made "decisions" or contributed to decisions being made by others that it doesn't want us to know about. And this was in 2007 -- well before the so-called financial meltdown that gave Paulson and his crew a free hand. What was the PWG consulting with Treasury and the Fed on? Rate cuts? Market-rigging operations? The décor of then-Treasury Secretary Paulson's office? Since we already know about Paulson's exces sively close relationship with Goldman Sachs, shouldn't the Treasury at very least let the public know what sort of chatter was in those 739 pages? I'll pay the copying costs. Funny, Paulson's memoir doesn't cover anything about these meetings either. Remember Paulson told us his memory might fail him. What are these guys hiding? 739 pages of cover-up is a lot of cover-up.