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Cap and Trade Nullification: Arizona’s “Freedom to Breathe Act”

• Tenth Ammendment Center
Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen (R) of District 5 needs your help! She and Senators Gould and Grey are the primary sponsors for Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 1050. Together, they have made Arizona the fourth state to introduce Cap and Trade nullification legislation, and this bill has “teeth”! Known as the “Freedom to Breathe Act”, the legislation, if passed, would make it illegal for “..any governmental official to enforce within the borders of the state of Arizona federal laws or federal regulations purporting to restrict intrastate emissions of anthropogenic carbon dioxide or other greenhouse substances is herewith declared a violation of civil rights and unlawful under Arizona state law.”

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 Sylvia Allen is facing a challenge from a RINO opponent.  It is important that you support her so she will continue to run pro-10th amendment, pro-2nd amendment and anti-REAL ID state legislation.

She HAS TO survive this primary AT ALL costs.

Liberty activists, whether your are republican or libertarian or whatever, take note.

You cannot avoid interfacing with a fascist government.  You cannot "just be left alone."