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Sarah Palin as Warrior Messiah

• arclein
I watched Sarah Palin’s speech live and, if you leave any consideration of substance out of it, it was the most talented and effective performance of any Republican politician since Ronald Reagan.

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Comment by Free The World
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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Sarah Palin licks the "Songbirds" feet.

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Who was the last "Smooth Talker" we hired?.....How`s that working out for you?

Comment by David McElroy
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 Sarah Palin was just getting comfortable with the governor's chair after ascending there from small town politics when she was drafted as the hood ornament on the rather dull McCain bandwagon. She was beautiful, and a refreshing breath of fresh air on the political scene.

 I lived in Alaska a couple of years, and she really does embody the average Alaskan viewpoints on such things as pioneer spirit, resource management, the opposition to building codes, gun culture, and freedom. But she clearly was "not ready for prime time" in the 2008 national election. She was obviously being manipulated by the NeoCon GOP McCain handling team. They are now trying to use her to hijack the TEA Party movement to recoup losses in 2010 and 2012.

 I think that if Palin can be savvy enough to use her GOP support and yet refuse to be used like their sock puppet and speak her own mind, she could be what we need, or at least a big step in the right direction. I would like to see her align herself with GOP outcasts like Ron Paul, Alan Keyes, or Pat Buchanan, or the Constitution Party candidate for POTUS, Chuck Baldwin.

 But it remains to be seen if Palin can break free of her GOP handlers and stand on her two feet as a well-prepared candidate on the national stage. She has, unlike so many others, been suddenly catapulted onto the national/international scene without much time to prepare for some very complex matters. Let's give her time to hear our concerns and do her homework. She is listening to us!



Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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uhhhhhhhhh yea right....LMAO

Comment by Lola Flores
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 "Sarah Palin," "talented" and "effective" in the same line?  Uuuuh, I don't think so!

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