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911 press conference John McCains office

Architects and engineers press conference in front of John Mc Cains office.  Blair Gadsby who did a 16 day hunger strike in front of John McCains office in June 2008 Talks about how architects and engineers for 911 truth have collected over 1000 signatures of professionals who want to have a new investigation into 911.

Ralph W. Hughes an Arizona truth petitioner said  “I came to realize that the aircraft and their fuel alone DID NOT bring down those 3 buildings!”

Feb 19, 2010 Richard Gage & Architects and Engineers for 911 truth will be holding a national press conference outlining the inconsistencies of the official 911 commission report.

Arizona Senator Karen Johnson discusses
the Thermite Residue found at the world trade center complex.

Morpheus asks “How would you explain how the building came down at the rate of free fall in the direction of maximum resistance?”  Mr Hughes responds “The same way it was done in Oklahoma City:  There were bombs placed in strategic locations Inside the building that caused it to collapse.  You can see that by the clouds of white that went out That is pulverized concrete.  That only happens when EXPLOSIVES are in contact with concrete.”