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Tea Party movement lights fuse for right

By David Barstow
updated 5:31 a.m. MT, Tues., Feb. 16, 2010

SANDPOINT, Idaho - Pam Stout has not always lived in fear of her government. She remembers her years working in federal housing programs, watching government lift struggling families with job training and education. She beams at the memory of helping a Vietnamese woman get into junior college.

But all that was before the Great Recession and the bank bailouts, before Barack Obama took the White House by promising sweeping change on multiple fronts, before her son lost his job and his house. Mrs. Stout said she awoke to see Washington as a threat, a place where crisis is manipulated — even manufactured — by both parties to grab power.

  Running in '12?
Feb. 8: Sarah Palin attacks President Obama to cheers at a “Tea Party” convention in Nashville, Tenn., leading to speculation she may run for the White House.

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Feb. 9: Congressman Ron Paul talks with Rachel Maddow about the contrast between the Tea Party movement and his  "Campaign for Liberty" during the 2008 election season.

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Sept. 22: Joe Scarborough plays a clip of Glenn Beck's conversation with CBS' Katie Couric, and lists the reasons why Beck should be called out by other conservatives.

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Comment by Sam Weathersby (5726)
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Looks like ScarBurro is another media shill. Glen Beck is not stirring up hatred. Conspiracy theories? Well, if it is not obvious to the general public that some one some where is working to bring down the USA & sell us into the New world Order's one world gov, you have not been paying attention.  When did Beck say he thinks Mr. O hates white folks? If he said that I missed it, which is possible. But Beck may be a lot of things, but I am not sure he is quit that stupid.

Beck disparages 'birthers' but he like all those who do the same, do not offer solid proof that Mr. O is a US citizen Constitutionally eligible to be Prez. Maybe he is. Maybe he isn't. But we don't know for sure. McLame had to be vetted. Why not Mr. O?