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Beck’s plan for captured Taliban leader: ‘Shoot him in the head’

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The Taliban may be disputing that their number-two, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, was captured by US and Pakistani intelligence earlier this month, but that hasn't stopped Glenn Beck from passing judgment on how the US should handle the situation.

"Shoot him in the head," the radio and TV personality declared on Fox & Friends Tuesday.

"We've just captured the second most wanted guy in Al Qaeda," Beck said, evidently referring to the Taliban leader. "The first thing out of my mind -- shoot him in the head. Shoot him in the head before it goes into a court and we're doing all this nonsense back and forth. He's a bad guy. Shoot him in the head."

"You would shoot him before they even try to get information?" co-host Gretchen Carlson asked.

"If I were in charge, we'd be interrogating him," Beck replied. "And we'd interrogate him, and interrogate him, and interrogate him and then we'd shoot him in the head. ... Shoot him in the head before we all of a sudden release him into, what? Primary schools in New York City? What are we going to do with this guy?"


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Comment by Dracula Tepish
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this proves my point he is vermin why dont he volunteer to shoot hisself in the head frist the talking eddification puke maggot what is good for the goose should be very good for the gander 


talking maggot he needs to have a fromtal labotomy on the show for every body to see

Comment by Found Zero
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Yeah he's a kick. Did you catch the one where he's up there with a pie-chart showing government spending and MISSING is MILITARY AND DEFENSE SPENDING. You know that part that usually takes us MOST of the chart?

And in the very next frame, there he is with military spending figures. The ones that weren't in the pie chart. And you think he might just redeem himself but no, frame after that, there he is back at the original pie chart telling you it represents ALL government spending.

What a guy.

Comment by Anonymous
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Beck is a real piece of work; he parades around waving the flag in one hand and the Constitution in the other, but tosses both when the first punch is thrown, and, from under his hiding place, spouts off about what 'he would do' to those terrorists if only 'he had them'.