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Rule of Law Removes Rise Up Radio Archive & Ends Program - Alex Jones Gun Show Story Gone

 On January 27, 2010, John Bush and Catherine Bleish broadcast their program "Rise Up Radio" on Rule of Law Radio. The main topic of their report was a protest on January 25th in Austin, TX where a local gun show had been shut down. The reporting of this event has apparently led to the removal of Rise Up Radio from the Rule of Law program schedule, as well as the archived hours of the program.

This begs the question...why such actions from a network that claims to be about "Reclaiming our freedom with Scripture, truth, law, fundamental principles, & comedy!" Oh, I know, I know, it was a mutually agreed upon separation. The "contract" stipulations, and all that. As the site says, "The terms of this contract, to which all hosts on this network are bound, state that no bashing or other negative talk of any other talk show host on this network or any other network in the freedom movement will be allowed." I don't see a lot of freedom here, nor truth being shared, and I'm not laughing. Telling the truth about a situation is not bashing. Honestly reporting one's opinion, is not bashing, it's free speech. It is supposed to be protected speech on such networks, ESPECIALLY when "one of our own" deserves to be held accountable for their actions...AGAIN!

To me, the removal of the audio files of the January 27th Rise Up Radio program broadcast is censorship on the part of Rule of Law Radio. It appears that because Catherine Belish and John Bush have the journalistic integrity to report on less than leader-like behavior of one of the so-called patriot movement's loudest "leaders"; they pay by being censored. The report was pulled off the Internet, the story silenced. That doesn't seem too scripture-like either, now that I think about it. Is Alex Jones somehow a sacred cow to Rule of Law Radio?

Prior, the program in question was readily available from the Rule of Law website, as can be seen by the screen capture below. Now, the January 25th and 29th shows remain, but the program which aired on January 27th has been removed. Click on the image for a larger view.

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Comment by Scott Bieser (1021)
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My group? What group is that? I'm sitting here in my art studio in Cheyenne commenting about what I'm seeing going on in Austin.

I'm also a fairly well-known cartoonist in the freedom movement who signs my own real name to everything I put out, because I own my words and my art and stand behind them. Unlike some people around here.

Alex Jones has done a lot of good for us but when he gets to big for his britches he needs to be spanked. And that's true for all of us.


Comment by Anonymous ()
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Whatever, Scott.

Your group wasn't able to divide the liberty folks in AZ over the AJ non-fiasco. Go tell your operator to come up with his next attempt.  This one didn't work.

Comment by Scott Bieser (1021)
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It's a sad comment on the Patriot movement when movement big-shots play as dirty as the Elites they routinely criticize. Alex Jones declined an offer to participate in a rally, then showed up and hijacked it with his megaphone. It became clear for all to see that Alex Jones is all about Alex Jones. And when his victims rightfully complain about his bad behavior, he pulls strings and gets the slats knocked out from under them.

Way to build a movment.


Comment by Nick Bravo (21000)
Entered on:

 Follow the money....

Comment by Found Zero (11589)
Entered on:

It does seem like there's nothing at stake here for the rest of us in this. It's a personal spat.

Comment by Anonymous ()
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 Could it be because Bleish, LRP and TAG are simply a bunch of nincompoops who dont deserve the air time or attention?


Comment by Jet Lacey (17811)
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This is what happens when you take on Ron Paul and Alex Jones in the same week.  Maybe they'll learn that when you play with fire you're bound to get burned, and week upon week of high-pitched post-burn wailing does nothing to help the situation. 

Maybe they'll learn that you pick yourself up off the ground, dust your shoulders off, lick your wounds clean, and then you.....MOVE THE F*CK ON!

I was sick of this issue when it was fresh, and now it's like rotten fish and extended house stinks.