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Karl Denninger: This Is How It Begins (Wanton Violence)

Should the people come to the conclusion that The Government is in fact a felon - should there be no enforcement at the state level, no real move to "take back" authority vested in The Constitution, returning it to the states and to rein in the crooks, subjecting them to the just desserts for their crimes, there is a very real risk that The People will decide that there is only one way to obtain justice: through the actions of their own hand. Lest you think this is an unrealistic view, I direct you to Mexico, where the police have become so corrupt that the people are now catching burglars and torturing them on their own.
Vigilante justice is swift, certain, and brutal. But it is the logical and expected outcome when the people reach the breaking point. Those who believe it "can't happen here" are deluded - it both can and will if our government does not stop condoning and in fact conspiring with the crooks that have robbed the people of this nation. Damnit, how much does it take before our government will STOP THE DAMN LOOTING?

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Comment by Freed Radical
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His wife and daughter were NOT in the house, Oyote. They had stayed somewhere else the night before, which is undoubtedly why he chose the time he did. 

Comment by Nick Barnett
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I don't condone what Stack did... but I can certainly see how decades of being shat* upon by the gubmint could make someone lose their mind.

 *I don't care if shat isn't a word, I like it.

Comment by Found Zero
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If we're to accept what's being reported as fact, how can anyone see this as heroic or justified when human life has been lost? I man life above and beyond Joe Stack's life because he was free to end it. Because hey, don't forget wife and daughter in the burning house.

AFAIC, this series of acts are morally indefensible.  Again, if we accept the reports so far, I have to agree with Denninger insofar as this was either terrorist or really bent insurrectionist activity by definition, take your pick. But there will be more to the story. Always is.

I'm personally thinking the guy was bonkers. Who the hell does something like this? Nobody in their right mind.



Comment by Found Zero
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Well I can tell you one thing for sure. THE ENTIRE MSM IS ABOUT TO HAVE A FIELD DAY WITH THIS ONE. 

Comment by Patriot 2012
Entered on: should be treated as a criminal enterprise! Those in DC don't know any better or never did. Too much money and power. How shall we deal with it now?

Comment by Anonymous
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 > > Should the people come to the conclusion that The Government is in fact a felon -

Compare the systems of SOP between the Government and the Mafia and you'll clearly see that the only differences are in size and that the Mafia has more class and respect for the people. 

Is the Government a criminal enterprise?  Of course it is.  And it should be treated as the criminal enterprise it is too.