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Ruin Your Day with Bumper Hornberger and AntiWar's Scott Horton


Jacob Hornberger, founder and president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, discusses the Republican Party demand that the Underbomber be subjected to torture under military custody, the government’s two-headed justice system of civilian and military jurisdictions that circumvents Supreme Court review, the ease of expanding draconian terrorism laws to cover the war on drugs, the executive assassination program that seems to condone the extrajudicial murder of Americans on US soil and why the Bill of Rights provides scant protection from governmental abuses but is better than nothing.

MP3 here. (26:09)

Jacob G. Hornberger is founder and president of The Future of Freedom Foundation. He is a regular writer for The Future of Freedom Foundation’s publication, Freedom Daily, and is a co-editor or contributor to the eight books that have been published by the Foundation.