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Middle Class Two Income Trap: Two Breadwinners = $ for Financial Sector

Ironically the family in the early 1970s had more discretionary income than the family in the early 2000s even with a dual income. Yet if you look around, it isn’t immediately apparent because of the massive debt bubble financed by the banking sector. Sure people bought bigger homes and newer cars but all this was under a phony veneer of success and was financed with debt. All of it was built around a mountain of debt. Yet here is where the big divide hits. Middle class families are now losing their homes through foreclosure. Many are having their cars repossessed because they can’t make their payments. Bankruptcy filings are soaring because people cannot service their debt. So middle class Americans are paying the price with the rules that are setup. Yet banks are not. They are sucking the American taxpayer for all their horrible bets and are not dealing with the ramifications of their actions. In other words, the bill is going to the middle class as the middle class is dealing with their own bad decisions. This is part of the system built around the corporatacracy model of government. Losses are socialized while gains are privatized. And don’t kid yourself, this entire game was financed on debt:

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