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Flashback: Do single-engine planes cause that much damage?

• CBC News - Oct 2007
In Oct 2007 a single-engine plane crashed into an apartment building in British Columbia.  Judging by the damage in Austin's crash, you'd guess the building would be totaled.  Guess again.

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Comment by Ken Valentine (3512)
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 To Grand Poobah:

You're correct on your first point, but I'd like to correct your secont point.

At 68 degrees F, a gallon of gasoline weighs 7.1 pounds. So 50 gallons of gas would weigh 355 pounds -- about the same as TWO average men. (177.5 pounds each.)

Comment by Doug Nusbaum (16106)
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And remember that what Mr. Beck was flying was a micro plane that you had to practically strap on.  No room in that sucker for cans of gasoline or propane or any other kinds of incendiary.

And remember how heavy gasoline is.   50 gallons would weigh --- Oh I guess as much as 20 people.  So it is easy to see that a plane could not possibly cause much damage.