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RED DAWN - The Remake

As you may or may not know, the movie classic RED DAWN is in production, being remade. Shooting is going on in Michigan, which is standing in for the state of Washington, where the new version of the story takes place. In this version, not just the Russians this time, but the Chinese as well, invade America.
You can see details about the project here: tt1234719/
Attached are photos of the set of a small town in Washington state.


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Comment by Joel Turner
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“You will kill 10 of our men, and we will kill 1 of yours, and in the end it will be you who tire of it.”

Ho Chi Minh

Learn from history I say.

Comment by Nick Bravo
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 Red Dawn, when good/evil were simple and we couldn't possibly have understood how real the real thing would be. That movie was and always will be a classic, I think one of the main premises of it and other great movies like it is to not fear death. In this reality the corruption comes from within and is our own government, will you be just another piece of cannon fodder or will you be one who puts a big ass dent in the machine? war and violence are made to be so comlicated, yet the common denominator in them is fear. When one loses fear one can do great things, yet people these days are too fearful to stand up to corrupt politicians, judges, and legislators much less take up arms and become a warrior for their beliefs. The younger generations must be taught what it means to be an American, must be taught what it means to be free. Some say individuality and hope died with generation X, I don't believe that. I do believe its up to my generation to ignite teh flames of liberty within the younger generations so that they may carry the torch beyond the horizon.

Comment by Found Zero
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Oh no dudes, you have gotta be kidding me. The ultimate cult film for us old farty patriots? Are you kidding me?

What, are you gonna cut out the campy style, the entirely improbably twist of plot and most of all, are you gonna cut out the part where we all lift up our machine guns and fill the sky with tracers and scream "FREEDOM!"?

Or was that another movie. Fuckit.

When I first saw Red Dawn, I thought somebody had stole a page from my mind and every kid I grew up with because we were ALL taught and TRULY believed that the Ruskies would one day come parachuting down from the sky, so much so that we all joined the NRA and all got sent to camp to learn how to shoot and we all got rifles and we all kept them in our closets,

Hoping. And praying that one day "they" would come because we were totally prepared for them. And our plan was to basically use our superior knowledge of the terrain to out-fox them and grab their more sophisticated military hardware because a .250 Savage really has nothing on an AK. And our thinking went that we could defend half of the Eastern seaboard from our strategic advantage in the mountains. And the whole thing was about our strength and resourcefulness and you know how a young man thinks, we were all the kings of the world at 21 years old and man, nobody can possibly underestimate the life-shattering experience we, me, all us members of our patrior generation felt,

When the Ruskies pussied out and never gave us a fair fight.

Yeah, I was a young militarist and it was just soul-crushing to know what we'd been raised for and fully indocrtinated to do was rendered useless over night.

I call myself Oyate. I was raised, in part, to kill Ruskies. Wherever and whenever we see them parachuting down from the skies. And that's the last time in my life when I felt any real unity. But my adult mind tells me it was simplistic. It it is now. Before now it was common sense. We good, they bad, we kill them, ugh.

Now defining and understanding how everything is not always simple is an adult's job. And it's a job for many scholars and warriors to contribute to and that's what I see us doing right now. And that's good.

Right now I'm in a world of hurt because I'm doing what I can do to channel pure hate. But at this moment, incredibly, I don't feel induced negativity around this subject. It's like our enemies are holding back. It may be that they are simply waiting for us to react. My tactical mind tells me when the enemy does not exploit an advantage, they are either setting a trap or organizing their response.

Our opposition has had time to calculate and form a strategy. Given what we have heard, that they intend to isolate and attack our figure heads, if I was them, I'd be doing exactly what they are doing now: kicking back and gathering intel. They will use our posts to show that we support militarism.

So all of our posts, brother Jet, against random violence, are helpful.

The Oyate judgement at this moment:

Brock +1

Jet -1 for attacking central issues when peripheral issues take priority.

Jet bro, I am probably -100 in your book and I am rooting for you and we gotta, we totally gotta talk about how Prescott fits into a SHTF scenario for you people in Phonenix. You got my number, call me, it is only our duty as responsible husbands and fathers to do so.