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Woman, 61, arrested for asking ‘why'

• Atlanta Journal-Constitution
“I was blown away,” Carey told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “I had heard about people in the community being harassed by the police … It really didn’t shock me as much as it probably would have if I had not heard of people going to jail for no reason. I figured I was just another one.

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Comment by JIM BENNETT
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 i find it strange that our living rooms are plastered with black images, our advertising plastered with black images, our news clips plastered with black images all artificially imposed yet when a black lady talks back to the police does not "move on" and thus arrested for not obeying police orders, her photo is not shown..... that is mass favoritism and stuffing diversity down the publics throath.  i say equal treatment.

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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You people keep forgetting;cops will do anything they are told to do,to whomever,and then go home and hug their children..and lie to them.

From what I`ve seen of the police in the past year,or longer is that they have no brains....Brain Dead...they will do anything they are told to do...and then go home and hug their children...and lie to them.

Comment by Anonymous
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She was being manhandled and arrested by an armed thug.  Did anyone go to her aid?  No. 

Comment by Powell Gammill
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One of the things I love about Carlos Miller's web site is his additions he brings to a story --- which shows the power of a blog: