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Savannah Mayor says "Sue Us" if you don't like it.

We talk to some Savannah activists about the new Bartending law and how they are getting stonewalled by the local bureaucrats about removing it. We interview Shaun Beaudry , Nicole Edge and Anthony Migchelbrink about the new law and how it will effect local businesses.

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Comment by Jeff H.
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If you're going to write an article about the new bartending law in Savannah, here's a revolutionary idea for you:  Tell me what the new bartending law in Savannah is!!!

Please don't make me watch a video to find out what the law is!  First of all, watching Internet videos is highly inconvenient when you have a dial-up Internet connection because it takes forever to download anything.  And even if I did have a high-speed connection why spend 3-5 minutes to find out what the law is when I could spend 3-5 seconds by reading it in text--i.e., by you actually telling what the story is.

I should not have do Internet research to find out what the law is either.  It is simply not that difficult to summarize the law before you start talking about it.  Please tell me what the new bartending law is---IN THE TEXT OF THE STORY---before you pretend that you have contributed something newsworthy to Freedom's Phoenix or anything one.

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