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Climate Change Unravels But Refuses to Die!

• Uncommon Sense
What in the world is happening? Could it be? Climate change is a scam? So you are probably thinking… Climate Change, Cap & Trade and the like are dead… Why is he still writing about this? Wake up, people this is the administration that refuses to give up on healthcare reform and trying KSM in NYC! News Flashes from the real world! ■ For the first time in 14 years, Lake Erie is frozen. That’s right, the entire surface of the 241-mile-long lake is frozen over end to end. ■ Last week, the east coast was battered by record snowfalls with some areas receiving three feet of snow. This is not a singular event though. So far this year, Baltimore (72.3 inches), Washington D.C. (54.9 inches) and Philadelphia (70.3 inches) have all beaten their previous records for snowiest winters. ■ From The Register, a U.K. newspaper: “More trouble looms for the IPCC. The body may need to revise statements made in its Fourth Assessment Report on hurricanes and global warming. A s