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Bob Schulz - "There Are People Out There That Say 'Hey It's Time to Lock and Load.'

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Comment by Maurice Beecher (28351)
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 When is enough enough? I consider the so called people in this country the biggest cowards when it comes to standing up and passionately believing they can make a difference to put down those government terrorist depts that are oppressive! Mr. Stack may or may not be a hero, but its a start. My question to all you so called Americans, who gave your your freedom and liberty and why cant you all realize its not about money, pleasure and self centerness!  Freedom doesn't mean throwing it away wasting time and watching American Idol! One idea would be outstanding, all those unemployed people which number in the millions, could march on DC and force the ouster of anyone, everyone on the government side. Our money they don't need! Question? Why don't the states stop also sending Fed Income tax money to DC? Just stop the Flow of money to DC. The DC Government needs to come to a stop! Let the State Governments rule!

Comment by Ed Vallejo (5272)
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Posted in the comments section of this ABC article:

I suppose I should not be surprised that Mr. Ferrin and ABC resorted to the worst kind of overgeneralization regarding the violent suicide/homicide committed by Mr. Stack. Stack was clearly a troubled man who had difficulties with the IRS. The IRS is one of the most feared of federal agencies because it has such broad powers and abides by none of the safeguards to citizen rights that are guaranteed by the Constitution. Many thousands of innocent citizens have been audited, harassed and otherwise ruined by the IRS, and yet this kind of violent response is extremely rare. Yet Mr. Ferrin and ABC have unfairly tarred entire groups of people--most notable the millions of Tea Party protestors--with the same brush, as if Mr. Stack represented every person who expresses dissent for the policies of the current administration. Such generalization would be decried if it were used against a particular race, religion or culture, but it is evidently fine when used against dissenters who are conservative or libertarian (BTW, these are VERY different political stances). It is apparent that in the eyes of ABC, dissent is only cool if the policies being objected to are those of a conservative or neo-con. However, dissent expressed against the policies of the current administration is not only uncool, but links all such dissenters. Interesting, especially because with the exception of being the biggest presidential spender in history, most of the current administration's policies do not differ markedly from recent presidents, both Republican and Democrat. Was Joe Stack a hero? Absolutely not. However, he was a human being that had a profession that the United States Tax Code (which is so complex that experts do not claim to understand it all) had singled out for extremely prejudicial and punitive treatment. And as much as we have stood idly by because the IRS has not come for us yet, we bystanders are hardly innocent. Posted by:
NewMexiMom Feb-21  
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I would say we are just a pension plan away from those "extremist groups" becoming mainstream. 

And I keep wondering when does the commercial real estate market fall?

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 >> Extremist groups are already aligning behind Joe Stack....

Not just 'extremist'.  I believe many average citizens who have felt the heel of the IRS or felt the cold sweat run down their back when they received a letter from our American Gestapo do not see Joe Stack as the bad guy the Govt. portrays him.  The IRS has earned its dark reputation and the ill will held against it.   As my grandmother use to say, between bottles, 'You made your bed, now lay in it'.

>> There Are People Out There That Say 'Hey It's Time to Lock and Load

Not surprising....and not really frightening.