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Homeland Security Lost Dozens of Guns, According to Internal Report

• ABC News
Guns meant to help safeguard America found their way into the hands of known criminals after absent-minded federal officers left firearms unsecured everywhere from fast-food restaurants to bowling alleys, according to a report by the Department of Homeland Security. 

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Comment by Unsheepled Michael
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 No  these   employees   are  the  USEFUL  IDIOTS  they  want   to  work  for  them,  as  with most  law  enforcement  a  trend  became  apparent  to me  that  most  new  employees  stating in the mid  to late  nineties  were  preferrably    USEFUL  IDIOTS. People    that  will  do  anything  to  anyone, as  long  as   their  BOSS  HOG  told  them  to  do it. Regardless of  legality and despite  moral  or ethical  codes.

Police  have  been  turned into  Revenue Cows,  and  they have  no  duty  to  protect  and  serve....that is  just  eyewash. Read  case law  in  each  state  and    find out  for  yourself.

A  book that  helped  me:  'Dial  911  and  die'.. written by  an  attorney... 

 ?? Stevens  I  think

Comment by Dracula Tepish
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can we really trust these idiots with weapons i dont think so they are so retarded dont know how to hold up their pants why waste time let the public citizen he knows more about weapons then these yoyos who dare to play god