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Surveillance Drones May Soon Carpet the Sky of The United Kingdom

The European Defence Agency has hired aerospace and defence group EADS to research how communication via satellites can be used "for the integration of unmanned aircraft systems into European airspace", with the goal of starting demonstration missions next year. The study aims to show that satellites are reliable enough to allow uninterrupted communication between the drone and the person piloting it remotely, giving the aircraft an adequate "sense and avoid" capability to make it safe to fly in built-up areas and to share the sky with other planes. Drones are of interest to the military and the police as surveillance tools, and could be used by immigration authorities for patrolling Britain's coastline. But concerns have been raised because the UK is already one of the most "watched" countries in Europe, with the proliferation of CCTV cameras.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Of course, do it from cover. If they spot you and record your body heat signature, radioing it to headquarters, they'll be after you in the future.

Comment by Dracula Tepish
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they can be shot down real easy targets say no to big brother and his stupid little toys got that freedom first if not it will be there biggest downfall remember what william wallace said freedom was last words and his testamony to the world and what happened the scots went and stomped the long shankes soldiers into nothing we will overcome you bastards who hate freedom i am dark shadow wolf and i am hungry to be free dont step into my territory traitorius bastards that you are understand me it will be your blood to water the tree of liberty with ! i am not insane but believe in freedom for all