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The Muslim Menace - by L. Neil Smith

• The Libertarian Enterprise
Maybe once a week, maybe oftener, I receive material of some kind—published articles, recorded speeches, or simply messages from my friends and other concerned individuals—warning me that Western Civilization is about to be overwhelmed by a middle-eastern wave of destruction. 

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Comment by Keith Hamburger
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Mr. (ms.?) Winslow,

What is it you are wishing to protect from this onslaught of Muslims you so fear?  American lives? Amerca's way of life? ???

There is nowhere so great an existential threat to any of those as great as the destruction of America and Americans as exists within our own government.  Working to exorcise phantom demons throughout the world only strengthens that government and further threatens all that this country was intended to be.

The greatest defense from that which you fear is prosperity.  With strength through abundance Americans need never live in the fear which you obviously do.  Such strength through prosperity is best generated through the principles on which this country was founded.  Freedom through strictly limited government and opportunity to use one's skills to better one's life.

By insisting that there is an external threat that we must use our govenrment and our military to defend from you are giving power to those that can harm us the most.

What you are advocating for is little more than the ideal of wishing to kill the patient in order to save him.

Keith Hamburger

Comment by TL Winslow
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So, you're an American Atheist, and the threat of Islam doesn't bug you, while those who are trying to warn you are Islamofascists and as bad as Nazis? Sorry, but being an American Atheist and thumping copies of the Constitution doesn't make you immune from the huge personal and political threat of Islam, since Muslims continue to pour into the U.S. ever day, bringing Islam, Sharia and sometimes jihad with them, and to them you're just another infidel whom the Quran commands them to ultimately force to convert or kill. Yes, kill, since you're not one of the "People of the Book" but a devil-worshipping pagan to them, and not entitled to any consideration, check out what Tamerlane did to the Hindus in India. Lucky for you, Muslims don't have the numbers in the U.s. yet to show their bad side except for a few premature radicals, so thumping the Constitution and reaching out to protect their rights to freedom of religion just plays into their hands, like in many countries throughout history that are now kaput. Ever since 1862 with Mormon polygamy the U.S. Supreme Court has made it clear that a religion's actions can be outlawed, but in this case virtually all of its actions are inimical to everything the West stands for, so get off your act about the Constitution and quit being an Islam history ignoramus and study Islam and its hairy track record to see what might happen here like is already happening in Europe, as politicians such as Geert Wilders have been trying to tell you. When it comes to Islam, all Westerners from left to right need to unite, theists and nontheists alike. Check out atheist comedian Pat Condell, maybe he can reach you, 

Here's a list of good knowledgeable sites to start getting a clue:

Comment by Powell Gammill
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While I was writing it, I had a thought that didn't quite fit in, is too short for its own essay, but which I didn't want to leave unvoiced.

It is this:

Misters Colt, Smith, Wesson, or Ruger may have been Americans, born and bred, but a great many of our "liberty teeth" are immigrants themselves, often forbidden to the people living in the lands of their origin.

Your favorite "life preserver" may be Italian, a Beretta, even an Uberti. The Tanfoglios I love are Italian copies of the Czech CZ-75. It may be Austrian, a Glock. If it's an H&K or a SIG, it's German or Swiss. If it's a Tokarev or a Makarov, an AK-47 or SKS, it's Russian, or possibly a Chinese knockoff. If it's a CZ-52, it's from the Czech Republic. Stars, Astras, and Llamas are from Spain. Taurus and Rossi are Brazilian. The Kahr is manufactured in America by the family of Korea's Reverand Sun Myung Moon. And there are zillions—tens of zillions—of Hungarian, Bulgarian, Belgian, and Polish weapons scattered all over the one country in the world that truly appreciates them.

It's said there are over 750,000,000 firearms "of modern design in good working order" in America. I say let's be real internationalists in the truest meaning of that often abused word and make it an even billion.

L. Neil Smith, Publisher and Senior Columnist
The Libertarian Enterprise