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Cities Shortening Yellow Traffic Lights for Deadly Profit

When they find out those cameras and lights are being gamed, sometimes lethally, in the pursuit of quick profit? Then they get mad, and maybe even, for being used as motorized money pits. "With all of the stories we hear on a daily basis, there is little doubt that the desire for ticket revenue trumps safety concerns," Gary Biller, executive director of the National Motorists Association told AlterNet. "A quick current example is California's governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who a few weeks ago proposed state budget including a proposal to add speed sensors to 500 existing red-light cameras. The reason? Safety wasn't mentioned, but an expected additional annual revenue of $338 million was." Roughly multiply that revenue by 50 states, and you quickly get an idea why red-light cameras designed by companies like Arizona's Redlfex Group and American Traffic Solutions (ATS) are an increasingly attractive crutch for America's cash-strapped cities.

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Comment by Ross Wolf
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State bureaucrats desperate to derive revenues to pay their high salaries and perks, are shortening yellow lights at signals to prey on its Citizens. Citizens ticketed in this scam manner, is foreseeable to cause people to resent government, especially when their car insurance escalates. Because studies repeatedly show red-light cameras cause more accidents, it is obvious shortening yellow lights will cause motorists to rush lights: When accidents occur innocent crash victims should sue both the state/city that approved shortening yellow lights and the manufacturer. Interestingly years ago in Belfast Ireland, residents became so displeased with police neighborhood spy cameras, members of a community smashed the cameras, then had a party to celebrate their destruction.  

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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People!! look at the cop setting in the Cop you know him? If so,you now know what he does for a living...children! don`t let your father,son brother,or,what ever lie to you.Find out what he/she really does when he/she is protecting your city,neighborhood,state...ask them if they are part of any Comi type unlawful,and dishonest doing`s....ask them to take off their them closely....Turn them in!