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Car Crashes Through Luke AFB Security Gate

• KSAZ Fox 10
LITCHFIELD PARK, Ariz. - Security forces at Luke Air Force Base opened fire overnight after two suspects in a stolen car drove right through the gate. One of those suspects is now dead. Take a look at the photos - you'll see a car crashed inside the base near Litchfield Road and Northern. It's the suspect's car. According to Glendale police, the suspects drove the car through a gate at the base. A security forces officers from Luke got out of his car and approached them. That's when the suspects tried to run him down with the car. The officer opened fire on the car and it crashed. One of the suspects died and the other was hospitalized. We're also learning the car was reported as stolen. Luke Air Force Base Captain Jerry Gonzales says the suspects were trying to get away from the police and does not believe they were targeting the base. Gonzales also said no one at the base was injured. The base is not on lockdown and Glendale police are investigating the doub