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Mom tells cop it's "OK to use your taser on my 10 yr. old daughter".

Tasers are 4 pussies!

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have a problem with this is this parent insane along with the socalled policeman they need to get a psych eval for both and that mother needs to lay her hand on childs butt to make the point who is the boss here but our society has followed the stupid advice of dr spock who by the way needs a bullet in his head the parents are the last bastion of society here got that if we bring a child into this world and they disobey and we have the right to terminate their little rearends right there on the spot we dont need no facist idiot childmolesters telling us how to bring up said child look at these socalled child molesters they were never brought up right so shall we let the un TELL US HOW TO BRING A SAID CHILD UP LOOK AT THEIR AGENDA NAMELY THIS ORGANIZATION CALLED MANBLA child sex before 7 years old something wrong here