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Narco-State Image Could Impact AZ’s Economic Recovery

• Joan Foltz,
CHANDLER, Az – Accelerating national coverage of the violent drug wars expanding across the border into Phoenix could impede Arizona’s economic come back. In December, National Geographic ran a special “Narco State” that portrayed the drug related violent crimes in Phoenix as surpassing El Paso’s. The CNBC financial news channel picked up on the airing as an alarming development, which was repeatedly mentioned throughout their broadcast. In February, the LA Times started a series, “The Heroin Road” that identified Phoenix as a main staging area for heroin trafficking across the country. The increase in national attention labeling Phoenix as the capital of kidnappings, human trafficking, and drug cartels could impact the next phase of the region’s economic turn-around if it becomes a prominent factor for companies and people considering relocation to Arizona. Recently

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Seven months ago it was reported a Mexican Drug Cartel broke into a Mexican rehab clinic and shot dead 18 patients. If a Mexican Drug Cartel thought nothing of murdering 18 rehab patients at a clinic in Mexico, it is problematic Cartels operating in the U.S. could easily murder Americans in that fashion. Why hasn’t the U.S. State Department listed all Mexican Drug Cartels as terrorist organizations? That would make it easier for U.S. Justice Department to "Charge with Supporting Terrorist Activity” Mexican Drug Cartel members caught distributing illegal-drugs in the U.S. and charge U.S. law enforcement taking Drug Cartel bribes. The “Patriot Act” defined supporting "terrorist activity” as any criminal activity that "participates" in "World Markets" that terrorist may use or depend on for their support. Theoretically, anyone distributing illegal-drugs could be alleged to support a “Criminal Market” terrorists may use for their support—based on the premise both criminals and terrorists use the same world networks and organizations to "Market" illegal-drugs; and have interests in criminal activity." Enforced narrowly, Patriot Act provisions could be used to charge Americans with supporting terrorist Activity, that knowingly provide guns to a Drug Cartel listed as a Terrorist Organization.