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Obama to Put Your Eyes Out: Bye Bye Bureau of Labor Statistics Data

Through this voluntary act of blinding, the Obama gang will manage to save all of two million dollars a year, which in Pentagon parlance hardly qualifies as “budget dust.” Lost will be a ready reckoning of how the country is measuring up on the world economic front, which might well be the intended purpose of the program’s elimination. Let us have a look at the office’s web page to get an idea of the sort of information that will not be so graphically and readily available in the future should the administration get its way. In a 10-country comparison of monthly unemployment rates adjusted to U.S. concepts—something that no international agency does—one finds that the unemployment rate in the United States is the highest and it has had the fastest rate of increase over the past year. No telling where that chart is going—quite literally if the blinders are successful. Here, for instance, you can see that in the United States in 2007 production workers in manufacturing made an average of $25.27 an hour, counting fringe benefits, while in Mexico they made $2.92 an hour. With time and a considerable amount of effort you might be able to find similar comparative data elsewhere, but for these compensation numbers, the best alternative site, the Key Indicators of the Labor Market of the International Labor Office, the source of the data is this same BLS office that is targeted for elimination.

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Well that had me ROTFL but I've recovered. Unlike the economy! Shazzam! Ba-dap-bap. Ho yes, it's the old "sweep the dust under the carpet" trick. Works every time. Well that's OK, I'm sure we can get some pundit or another to piss on our heads and tell us it's raining. It never should have been called the BLS to begin with, it was more like LBS.

See, Obama is just like us: he wants to downsize government. It's just a difference in priority. Obama wants to start by REMOVING ALL ACCOUNTABILTY FROM GOVERNMENT FIRST.