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Housing Demographic Hell: Boomers Downsizing for the Next 35 Years

There is also the mother of all demographic problems overhanging real estate, which no one seems to see but me. Remember the baby boomers? You know, the ones with all the money? As they downsize from McMansions to condos to assisted living facilities, their net shrinkage in demand for housing is going to be in the tens of millions of square feet per year. If you absolutely have to buy a home, make sure that you pick up one of those once-in-a-lifetime deals where you are taking it off a bank, or out of foreclosure, at 30% below the appraised value. I know these deals are happening. Buy it because you need a place to live, not an investment, and don’t count on selling it for a decent profit this decade. And also don’t expect to get the first born child you are putting up for collateral back until they are a teenager. There are going to be so many great trading opportunities in the markets this year that you shouldn’t even think about tying your capital up in a house. Rent, don’t buy.