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Individual Rights, The 10th and 17th Amendments, & States (audio)

• Christine Smith's blog
Radio interview (approx. 19 min.) in length.

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I hope Smith gets elected. She is a fierce advocate of liberty like me and the rest of us within this ideological mold. But it is in her strong passion for state rights over federal powers where her weakness also lies. She should run on the platform of anti-federal excesses, instead of running as anti-federalists that reminds Americans of the Confederacy we left behind long time ago. That discarded and now forgotten Confederation was a union of states. The national government received power from the States and had no direct authority over the people [see Confederacy]. Smith shouldn’t go there.

Today Americans understand why this nation had turned into federalism. Millions or the great majority of citizens of this country believe that federalism is just damn right better! The armed forces of the State of Colorado where Smith wants to get elected to public office cannot defend this country from foreign invasion. It needs the Armed Forces of the United States to do that. Centralized National Defense is federal power of the people, not that of the "sovereigntist" movement where today’s diehard libertarian candidates that hardly use their head are doomed.

Federalism is a union of the people. The national government and state governments receive power from the people and exercise directly over them. It is that simple to accept rather than ignore as mindless libertarians often do whose passion for liberty is leading them nowhere.

But it is in the exercise of this federal power in extremis where the central government or federalism is vulnerable. In his clandestine design to create a Politburo-socialist state in the United States, President Obama is controlling the States unnecessarily. If a State wants federal money, it will get money only when the local sovereign will is bent or muscled to do what he wants. The people of Colorado should need Smith to stand up against Obama and stop those federal excesses!

Do it the right way, damn it!

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