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Phoenix City Council meets Morpheus AKA off the grid guy

Feb 2, 2010 Emergency Phoenix City council Mayor Phil Gordon on the food tax, Mayor Gordon made 4 trips to Dubai 2008 and 3 to Dubai 2009. 
The city council also spent $255 Million for the ASU Phoenix campus and a tiny park. 
Morpheus aka Off The Grid Guy suggests that the city council, Do Not do anything like Adam Kokesh who is running for congress in New Mexico is promising to do by only accepting the median wage of 58,000 instead of 170,000.  How else would we reward bad decisions by our federal, state, county, and city officials ?

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Comment by Renee Houlihan (10318)
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Only 10% ???  They should get at least 30% that way we could assign a police officer to each and ever house hold.  Just think of how that would solve crime.  No more drugs, No more DV,  no more child abuse, no more...    It would be utopia!!  Better yet, let's just hand over our whole pay check to the government.  Don't you understand how much they CARE for us all??