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Update on Michael Badnarik - Heart at 100%!


Michael wishes to thank everyone for their cards, prayers and well wishes after his heart attack in December. Although his health was seriously in jeopardy for quite awhile, he is now back to 100%, and he plans to resume teaching classes beginning March 6th. If you haven't heard the whole story, please continue reading.

Max Kane is an advocate for raw (unpasturized) milk. In 2008 Max rode a bicycle from Virginia to California drinking nothing but raw milk to demonstrate its nutritional excellence. He invited Michael to Wisconsin to speak at a rally in favor of raw milk. Max was scheduled to appear in court on Monday, December 21st for having to "audacity" to drink something that was not approved by the government. The last thing Michael remembers before the attack was showering and packing his suitcase at his parent's home on Saturday morning. He does not remember the five-hour ride from Indiana to Wisconsin. He does not remember reading Max's young daughter a bedtime story. He doesn't remember speaking on the court house steps, or the helicopter ride from Veroqua to LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

Several patriots who attended the rally were planning to have lunch together, and Badnarik was in the passenger seat of an SUV headed to the restaurant. At that point he fell to the floor, and two of the people in the van began to administer CPR. Someone dialed 911 and paramedics from the nearby hospital arrived, attempting to defibrilate his heart three times on the way to the hospital, with no success. The doctor at the hospital chose to defibrilate Michael one more time at the hospital, and fortunately his heart began beating, but did so erratically. He was rushed by helicopter to Gundersen Lutheran Hospital, which he now claims is the best hospital in the United States.

Michael was in a chemically induced coma for sixteen days, having been given a combination of drugs euphemistically called "Milk of Amnesia". This is why he doesn't remember most of what happened to him during the first two weeks in the hospital. Much to the suprise of the doctors and nurses (but not to those who know Michael well) he repeatedly sat up in bed trying to find his clothes in an attempt to leave the hospital. Even when Badnarik is heavily sedated, his stubborn independence still shows through.

His girlfriend Lynne sat by his side for the first two weeks, although he doesn't remember her being there. His best friend Alan drove up from Austin, Texas promising not to leave the hospital until Michael did. (Michael considers himself truly blessed to have dedicated friends like them.) When Michael finally regained consciousness, Alan asked if Michael knew his own name. (He did.) Alan then asked if Michael knew what day it was. Michael guessed that it was December 22nd - and was stunned to learn that it was actually January 6th! Michael slept through Christmas and New Year's, remaining unconscious for sixteen days!

Some doctors warned that Michael's heart might only recover 50% of it's original strength, and his parents were cautioned that he might require the use of a walker the rest of his life. Michael has defied most medical expectations, in as much as his heart is now operating at 100%, and he appears to be even more dedicated to the cause of Liberty... if such a thing is possible.

There is an important lesson to be learned from Badnarik's ordeal. Life is finite and short. None of us knows when we will take our last breath on earth. Therefore Michael strongly encourages everyone to express their love and feelings to family and friends while it is still possible. Do not take it for granted that they know how much they mean to you. Furthermore, we should never postpone the things that are really important to us. Do not "wait until next year" to become involved in the fight for Liberty. As Michael has said many times in the past, "When I die, Liberty is no longer my problem." Please do what you can - today - to help Michael Light the fires of Liberty, one heart at a time.


From November 11th to the 22nd I participated in a gathering of patriots from all across the country. The event was called Continental Congress 2009, and was initiated by Bob Schulz of We the People Foundation for the purpose of recording many of the government's violations of the Constitution, and to recommend actions to fix these problems. One hundred sixteen delegates from forty-eight states gathered in St. Charles, Illinois at the Pheasant Run resort. They honored my by electing me president of the meeting, and the delegates promptly went to work, often until 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. Several subcommittes were formed to address individual topics, and the reports brought back to the Congress were subsequently voted on and approved.

Never before have I seen such a large collection of dedicated patriots working selflessly to promote Liberty, and restore our Constitutoinal republic. It was hard work, but the resulting document is a masterful thing of beauty known as the Articles of Freedom. It was the hope of the delegates that Americans across the country would read the Articles, and join together to make peaceful but fundamental changes to the way our government currently operates.

Unfortunately there has been some discord between some of the former delegates debating which of several versions of the Articles of Freedom are the "official version". As the president of this body I have labored to remain neutral in this debate, and I suggest that any of the versions you find on the internet will significantly improve the public's understanding of the problems, and therefore make the solutions to those problems more likely to occur. I hope that you will ignore rumors and ad hominem attacks that may result from the passionate differences of opinion that exist. I urge you to do what you can to share the Articles of Freedom with your family and friends.


While I was recovering from my health issues, the Austin gun show was closed down by the federal Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms agency working together with the Austin city police. I have attended that gun show many times in the past, and it has always been well organized, and very civilized. It is my understanding that an artifical crime was enacted and used as political leverage to deny future permits to operate at that location. I am pleased to report that the gun show promoters have already found a different venue. I urge everyone to attend this weekend's gun show if at all possible, in order to show support for the Second Amendment, and the organizers of this monthly event.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, my friends from the Alamogordo Second Amendment Task Force (ASATF) in New Mexico staged a huge protest on January 2nd. Participants were well behaved - and heavily armed. I encourage you to read these two news stories, and show your support for the ASATF by visiting their website and becoming a member. Those of you who reject the "sunshine patriot" label may want to consider organizing your own armed rally to demonstrate the people's resolve to restore our Constitutional republic. (NOTE: I am NOT encouraging anyone to incite a riot or openly break any laws. The decision to get involved at any level of participation is strictly your own.)


I seem to be working harder and longer hours than I did when I had "a real job" with a semi-monthly paycheck. I hope to make some time in my schedule to actually record Good to be King as an audio book. I have no idea if recording myself will increase or decrease its popularity, but I want to make the ideas in my book available to those who are too busy themselves to sit down and read. Hopefully, making MP3 audio versions available will allow people to listen while they jog or drive to work. The more people who understand the difference between rights and privleges, the better off everyone will be. As they said in V for Vendetta, "You can't kill and idea".


This is a list of cities and locations where I am hoping to teach my Constitution class this spring. I am negotiating with others to teach my class in a different city every weekend during 2010. If you'd like me to bring my class to your town, I will require a minimum of 30 people to attend at $100 each. Feel free to call me at 512-461-0995 if you'd like to make arrangements for your town.

03/06 Farmer's Branch, Texas @ AG Trading Post (silver only! No FRNs)
03/13 Austin, Texas @ Wyndham Garden Hotel
03/20 Fort Worth, Texas @ Comfort Suites
03/28 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania @ Harrisburg Hilton
(SUNDAY after the Pennsylvania LP state convention)

(The following dates and locations are subject to change. Visit website for updates.)
04/10 Ridgeland, Mississippi (near Jackson) @ Mississippi Bail Bond Association (ONLY $75)
04/17 Castle Rock, Colorado (between Denver and Colorado Springs) venue to be determined
05/08 St. John, Indiana @ VFW Post #717