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Your Kitchen Pharmacy

• Lew Rockwell
In a perfect world, we would get all the nutrients and medication we needed from the food we ate. However, our diets and the foods available to us have changed in the past century, so that eating healthily can be a challenge. Most of us have a spice rack filled with seasonings we grab in a hurry, but what do we know about these ancient herbs and their medicinal powers?
Understanding the importance of adding oregano or basil to your spaghetti sauce, not as flavor but as a digestive aid is just one of the keys to turning your kitchen into the pharmacy it was meant to be.

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Since I'm on a roll, I might as well tell folks a thing or two about how we can treat depression. Seems to be a popular topic these days. 

Now first of all, nothing we have has the power of the pharmaceuticals these days. They aren't really one-shot-wonders, so the person suffering depression also could probably use counseling and therapy and also a true will and desire to get better. But we have some stuff that's very fast-acting (and temporary) as well as some more stable stuff that needs to build up in your system. So here we go.

For a person going through sudden crisis, crumble up some sage (prefferably wild desert sage) and hold it up to their nose. Works most of the time to briefly shock them out of it so you have a treatment window.

For more chronic depression, lavendar oil will lift a spirit almost instantly so they can at least remember a bit of what being happy feels like. It can bring a smile on a rainy day. Don't over-use it, the patient develops immunity rapidly.

St. John's Wart has a great reputation for treating depression, I dunno, I've never prescribed or taken it, they say it's great. This is for the chronic scenario and you have to get the patient on a regime and take it every day to have effect.

Volarian root. It's really more of a sedative than an anti-depressive but man, the stuff is great. It's where they get vallium from. In natural form, boiled as tea and decocted, there's no record of anybody overdosing on the stuff. However, due to the fact that it will make the whole house smell exactly like dog crap when you boil it down, folks are taking it in pill form more and more these days and I'm not sure if you want to take too much of it in pill form or start popping them down like candy. I'm not sure what that would do.

With volarian root, there are some known interactions with other meds so consult your physician if you are taking other meds and you want to take volarian. Just tell him it acts like vallium in your system (just way more gentle, again, natural buffering agents). But by Gods the stuff is effective. Come to think of it, I haven't had any around in years but maybe I'll order some up next time.

Now of course, everybody wants to talk about cannibus for treatment of depression and my personal rule of thumb is don't treat depression with a pain reliever. Now of course I can't ethically prescribe or give anyone cannibus, but from what I've heard, the results in treatment are mixed at best. Just my opinion, but we don't want the patient retreating into a haze, we want them interacting more.

Basically with our treatments, we can't eliminate mental suffering, but we can hope to take the edge off, to make it manageable so this person has a treatment window in counseling.

And we could do so much more to aleviate physical pain if the idiots would just let us grow dope.

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Yeah I got into scents for a while. Essential oils are a trip. There is a guru, the master. There are TONS of us herbalists out there but this guy is truly a master. He can be difficult to reach. You might have to wait a long time to actually see him. His name is Kim. 97 1/2 East 7th street in NYC. Look for the black cat. Tell him the scooter guy sent you.

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Totally agree. Onions, garlic and ginger are 3 things I always keep fresh and in season in addition to sage, rosemary, chives, fennel, dandelion and mint in the garden. I dry them for use in winter and also order wholesale from Frontier Herbs. Stuff like chamomile, sage, comfrey (root and leaf), coltsfoot, saw-palmetto, mullein, liquorice root, all of them are either yummy in cooking or they make great tea. Stuff like goldenseal I keep around but it tastes nasty. Volarian root will stink up the whole house when you boil it but it's still pretty relaxing. Come to think of it, I'm a regular apocthecary. I eat this stuff and brew tea, some of it a grind up in a mortar, some of it I decoct and make essential oils. Some of them can be applied topically like aloe and the comfrey root. I guess my kitchen looks kind of like a meth lab. I think I'm working into growing more of these things instead of buying them.

I keep a lot of different stuff around that other people might need. A lot of the herbs I just listed are really, really nice to females is you know what I mean. And none of the stuff listed above can do you any real harm by taking it. They have no known interactions with any of your meds. But herbs can be powerful so you should really do your research. Actually, wait, liquorice root is an immuno-suppressive so if you want to beef up your immune system, stay away from the fennel and the liquorice. On the other hand, some infirmities call for toning down your immune system so then it's your friend.

We have abortives that work pretty much every single time. Pennyroyal and wormwood? Keep them AWAY from pregnant females OF ANY GENUS OR SPECIES unless you want to induce abortion. Never let a pregnant female, not only to NOT drink absynthe but DON'T EVEN LET THEM IN THE ROOM WITH AN OPEN BOTTLE OF ABSYNTHE. I am most deadly serious about this, it's the smell of many herbs that do the job, you don't have to ingest them.

You can bed a mare or a bitch down on a bed of pennyroyal and induce abortion near about every time. Works the same on human females. Doubt the power of herbs? Don't, they can terminate life and they can give it to you.

Feeling a bit down in the dumps men? Try ginseng extract. It's pure male energy. I had to stop taking the stuff because I seem to have all the male energy I and the pubic can stand. To hell with viagra.

White willow bark makes a great pain reliever, it works better than aspirin because it IS aspirin, so you have to watch it because it will thin your blood just like aspirin. And you know how they talk about "buffered aspirin"? Well, they took out the buffers and had to reintroduce them to get them in pill form. White willow bark has it's natural buffers still in it so it doesn't tend to upset your stomach all that much. 

The real pity is that we have totally freaking awesome pain relievers in our pharmacology but they are naturally illegal. Opium and cannibus are amazingly effective and have a very wide spectrum of effect. As a grouping, white willow, opium and cannibus can relieve a freakishly high percentage of human pain. I wouldn't prescribe them to be taken all together at the same time, each one has it's place in the treatment continuum. Plus the fact that opium does happen to be addictive and that's kind of a downer. Pun intended. In opium's defense, it seems to be remarkably non-destructive in that you can take a junkie off it and get a perfectly healthy human with all the mental acuity they ever had.

There's stuff to grow that just smells freaking awesome. If you are into roses and grow a lot of them, man we can make an essential oil that will put a rowdy kid to sleep. And make men fall instantly in love with women. But if you women really want to know a scent men find compelling, try vanilla. Yup. I myself have developed an aphrodisiac scent for my own chemistry and you guys will have to torture me to death, I'll never tell you what it is. I'm kind of hoping I never have to use it again because the gal of my dreams won't let me in the house no more. So it really don't matter what I smell like.

A pretty dang spanky website for learning about different herbs and their properties is:

You can generally aslo corner a Wiccan and force them to tell you by either threatening them with death or buying them Starbucks coffee. Either method seems to work fine. If they are Wiccan chicks, the coffee method seems to work better at getting them into bed.